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Lenka Slepičková, Iva Šmídová:
Postoje českých lékařů k medicíně a ke změnám v praxi reprodukční medicíny [63]

Slepičková, Lenka, Iva Šmídová. 2014. „Postoje českých lékařů k medicíně a ke změnám v praxi reprodukční medicíny.“ Data a výzkum – SDA Info 8 (1): 63-95,

Abstract:Recent trends in health care provision, targeted by social science researchers employing concepts such as deprofessionalization, routinisation, proletarisation or commercialisation, also provide insight into the current situation in the Czech healthcare system. This article contributes to debates in, and about, Czech medicine. This paper presents results from a survey of physicians conducted in late 2012. Within this survey, medical doctors expressed their opinions about the general situation in Czech medicine. Czech doctors were also asked about their opinions about the introduction of potential changes in reproductive medicine practice relating to childbirth outside hospitals, accessibility to assisted reproduction for single women, performing caesarean sections upon request. Doctors’ attitudes towards medical manipulation of DNA and embryos were also examined. The survey results presented in this study suggest that there are deep gaps in the attitudes of Czech doctors depending on their working environment. The empirical results do not support an image of homogeneity in doctors’ medical opinions. Czech physicians’ attitudes are shown to correlate with some socio-demographic characteristics such as sex category, age or religion. The attitudes of some doctors toward assisted reproduction techniques or changes in obstetric practices are supportive of demands for change made by some patients. Physician support for change of the practices under question is more evident in medical specialisations such as gynaecology and obstetrics than in other areas of Czech medicine. Answers to open-ended questions that examined perception of the most serious problems in modern medicine were dominated by specific issues arising from experience with patients and broader concerns regarding the Czech healthcare system.

Keywords: medical sociology, changes and problems of Czech medicine, attitudes to new technologies, profession of medical doctors

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